By Daphne Lam

The advancement of the internet has created new breakthroughs for businesses. One such innovation is crowdfunding, creating accessible opportunities to raise capital. Crowdfunding refers to public fundraising, typically via the Internet, to allow small entrepreneurs, artists, and even individuals to showcase their idea/proposal to gain financial funding…

By Pradyut Bhatnagar

The rescue dog that Pradyut adopted — adopt, don’t shop!

As the world deals with the ongoing pandemic, there has been a steep rise in starvation across all species. In Hong Kong, 37.7% of the pet’s population are strays with no access to food & shelter. This statistic might be a surprise to some because our privileged…

By Lahari Basu

Being an international student, I didn’t have any knowledge about Hong Kong’s social issues but my experience consulting at 180 DC has given me a platform to learn about and help passionately driven NGOs and social enterprises make a positive impact on the local community. …

By Bianca Banks

Real talk. I find it easy to feel overwhelmed by the various issues seemingly ever-present in the world, from raging conflicts to data breaches, to environmental degradation and issues of oppression. I know I’m not alone in feeling this, but it sucks. There’s always something to feel…

By Tiffany Cheung

Sightings of pink dolphins have been up by as much as 30 per cent. (Photos taken from Internet)

Amidst the endless disruptions and uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, there appears to be a glimmer of hope for some long-time residents of our waters. The halt of sea traffic has seen Hong Kong’s rare pink dolphins make a comeback to the much calmer waterways. Though…

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The HKU branch of the world’s largest student-led consultancy

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